You can look at your wedding day as the occasion on which you will declare your undying love for your partner, and all the rest is mere window dressing. Or, you can take the view that this is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion and you are going to make sure every little detail reflects a dream come true.

It’s the latter approach that makes people take how they intend to arrive for their ceremony and then their reception very seriously. We all know the standards for making an entrance in style on your wedding day – the stretch limo, the vintage car – but if you are going to go down the route of fancy wedding transport, what are the options that will really make your guests’ jaws drop?

Here are five amazing ideas that will make sure even getting from A to B on your wedding day is an experience you’ll never forget.

Horse & Carriage

We’ll start with perhaps the most obvious. After the limo or the vintage car, the horse and carriage is right up there with the transport options most couples dream about on their wedding day. There is undoubtedly something deeply romantic about heading to meet your betrothed in a carriage, drawn by horses in full finery and, of course, escorted by a footman in top hat and tails. And then that first journey with your new spouse, meandering along at never more than a trot – it truly is the stuff of fairy tales.

Tuk Tuk

A cross between a motorised tricycle and a traditional horse-drawn carriage, there are parts of south and south east Asia where tuk tuks are ubiquitous, taking the place of four-wheel taxis in the public transport system. In the UK they are rather niche, but several companies have struck on the realisation they make awesome wedding transport – perhaps something to do with the fact most make for a snug fit in the back and they are just lots of fun to ride in.

Morgan 3 Wheeler

Continuing on the theme of slightly unusual (and three-wheeled) motorised road vehicles, the Morgan is a throwback to the earliest days of motoring. Adopting the nowadays odd-sounding arrangement of having two wheels at the front and one at the back, the Morgan has kept alive a design that largely fell out of favour in the 1920s, as larger four-wheeled cars began to take over. But on the back of a prestige design and build ethos, the Morgan has built a cult following amongst devotees and provides a vintage motoring experience ideal for your wedding day. Close to the ground and with the engine purring, there is just about room in the cockpit for two. The only argument will be over who gets to drive it.


There is one small catch with this option – you have to have a venue close to a waterway! But if you have managed to happen upon a location next to a canal or river, or perhaps on a romantically secluded island in the middle of a lake or loch, there can surely be no more idyllic way to travel to your wedding reception than by boat. Just imagine, your new spouse pulling the oars to row you to your own wedding party, or going all out for style points in a fully rigged yacht – it’s the stuff of the very dreamiest romantic fiction!


FInally, if you really want to make an impression as you arrive at your wedding party, there really can be nothing to beat a helicopter. Not only will it make your guests’ jaws drop as you swan in like A-list celebrities, it will also be a spine-tingly exciting experience that will add just one thing you’ll never forget about your wedding day.

Oh, and did we mention we have a Helipad on site at Colony HQ ready and waiting for you to make that grandest of entrances? Why not drop in a find out more about how our venue will help make your wedding dreams come true.