This policy outlines the position of The Colony Wilmslow Limited in respect of our duty of care to our Members and their visitors during the Covid-19 pandemic, following the recommendation of a return to the workplace by the UK Government.

At the time writing the advice from the UK Government is as follows:

  • Stay at home as much as possible
  • Work from home if you can
  • Limit contact with other people
  • Keep your distance if you go out (1-2 metres apart where possible)
  • Avoid public transport unless absolutely necessary
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Self-isolate if you or anyone in your household has covid-19 symptoms

As property owners, we have conducted a risk assessment in order to consider and take all necessary precautions to provide our Members and Visitors with a safe and productive workplace going forward.


With regards to access to the HQ, the Main Reception Entrance Door is the only obvious access point to the building and we propose the following action to help prevent the spread of the virus:

  • Where practical, we will keep the door open to avoid the need to touch handles
  • Staff will be instructed to wipe down the doors handles and any touch points regularly
  • On entry to the building we ask that all members and visitors wash their hands in the ground floor Disabled WC (behind Reception) and/or use the;
  • Wall Mounted sanitizers which are fitted at the entrance door and at the entrance to the rear lounge. Please also use these on exiting the building
  • Where practical (i.e. weather permitting, we will open sliding doors to provide alternative exit points (and provide air flow in the lounges).

HQ Lounges

The HQ have introduced several measures in order to provide a safe working environment within the HQ Lounges and help to prevent the spread of virus as follows:

  • Spaced out sofas, seating and removal of some chairs to enable Members/Guests to maintain a 1-2m social distance
  • Installed Sanitizer gel dispensers at the entrance door and at entry to rear lounge
  • Installed Screens between the lounge booths
  • Installed signage throughout the Lounge and Communal areas providing instructions as to the safe usage of the HQ e.g. sanitizing/washing hands on entry etc. – Please make sure that you follow these instructions for the safety of all Members/Guests.
  • Provided staff with training in order to enable them to guide Members and Guests as to safe working practices
  • Introduced a Non-Touch Coffee Machine
  • Removed the Food Offering (for the time being) although we are looking at alternative food offerings

Clearly much of the emphasis of safe working conditions will be in respect of the Open Seated and Circulation Areas within the HQ. It is important, therefore, that Members and their Guests and Visitors follow the guidelines provided by staff and signage throughout the building along with carrying out their own assessments, follow the current Government Guidelines and be mindful and respectful towards other people using the HQ.

According to government guidelines, the use of shared equipment should be avoided or at least minimised. In-person meetings should also be avoided, however, if necessary, they can be held in a well-ventilated room with restricted occupancy*

(*Please talk to us about use of Terrace area at HQ which provides well ventilated surroundings)

Staggered working shifts and/or office hours would be a sensible solution to avoid high traffic pinch points

For Further information and guidance in this respect please refer to: 

Meeting Rooms

To avoid spread of the virus the main door leading to the Meeting rooms will be kept locked and access to this area will be strictly limited to attendees of booked meetings.

Further measures taken are as follows:

  • a wall mounted sanitizer dispenser is installed at the entrance to the meeting rooms which must be used on entry and exit.
  • Numbers using the meeting rooms are restricted to ensure a minimum distance of 1m is maintained by attendees – please contact us to discuss meeting numbers in order that we can arrange for the most appropriate room to use.
  • All desks/chairs/coms phones etc will be sanitised between each use.
  • Food and Beverages for meetings will be provided in a manner which avoids the spread of virus (details available on request).

Communal Areas

In terms of the common areas of the building shared between all Members and Guests most notably the WC’s and Entrance area.

Safe social distancing whilst moving around the HQ, including an examination of potential bottlenecks such as the WC’s and to a smaller extent the lift to establish a safe working practice.

These are unprecedented circumstances and we would therefore ask Members and Guests to exercise common sense and responsibility to others in using the common areas and services within the building.

  1. Cleaning – Our cleaning contractors have put in place enhanced hygiene procedures particularly in respect of touch points such as door handles and push plates, handrails, taps and washing facilities, toilet flush handles and lift and door entry system controls. This is now adopted within the cleaning specification of the building.

While hand sanitiser is available at the main entrance door, we recommend that you also use the hand sanitizer that is also provided around the HQ and if possible carry your own santizer and wash your hands regularly while at the HQ.

  1. Internal Fire Doors – Whilst statutory regulation in respect of fire safety requires all doors to remain closed at all times we have been advised that, as a temporary measure, certain doors representing high traffic touch points can be left open during normal working hours, specifically the doors to the front and rear lounges.
  2. WC’s – Our cleaning contractors have been briefed to ensure that hand soap is replenished regularly with the demands of increased hand washing in mind .
  3. Showers – We propose that the shower is not in use at this time. We will review this in line with government guidance as required.
  4. Lift – Use of the lift will be restricted to one person at a time. We also propose that unless in essential circumstances, that it is used for going Up only. When waiting for the lift, we advise that you keep a safe 2m distance from the doors enabling those exiting a safe distance to do so.
  5. Mail – All mail will be placed in your mailbox as usual, please exercise hand sanitisation immediately after handling mail. Any parcels too large to be put in your mail box will be left on or next to the mail box unit with the name label visible to enable everyone the ability to see the name of the recipient without the need to touch the packaging.
  6. Courier Deliveries – to limit the number of people moving around the property we would ask that all deliveries are left at the entrance and collected by the Members.
  7. Signage – For the period of time these controls remain in place, temporary signage will be in place as both as a reminder and guidance to all.
  8. Air Conditioning – The risk of air conditioning spreading coronavirus (covd-19) in the workplace/HQ is extremely low. In order to provide you with additional comfort, we have recently had the air conditioningfilters cleaned and sanitised along with the cooling coils. A copy of a sanitisation certificate for the building is available on request to confirm this has been done.
  9. Security – Clearly the security of the building and Members and their Guests’ is paramount. While entry doors are left open to reduce the spread of the virus, we ask all users to remain vigilant at all times.
  10. Fire Alarm Evacuation – In the event of a fire the priority will be to escape to the assembly point and remain there. During any evacuation, or drill, please maintain the 1-2m social distancing rule with other personnel as far as is reasonably practicable and safe to do so.
  11. Communication – Ideally The Colony should be notified as soon as practically possible if you become aware that anyone using the building is displaying symptoms of the virus in order that we can take the appropriate measures.
  12. Social Distancing – In moving around the building we would ask members and guests show consideration of personal space for others. Where face to face contact is essential, such as passing on the stairs, government guidelines acknowledge that a 2 metre separation is not always possible but that common sense should be exercised e.g. turn away from the person you are passing, or wait for them to descend/ascend before
  13. General – This policy sets out the measures and advice that we have and will continue to take for the health and safety of all users of the building. These are not exhaustive and we very much welcome any ideas or suggestions in order for us to provide any additional measures that would help us to protect everyone using the Serviced Offices.